Sending Images via Lora

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I have a sensor on top of the mountain and I would like to send an image every day from a insect board that we have on top. Is it possible to send and image or file via lora?

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No, not practically. The packet size is between 51-222 Bytes depending on what data rate it is using. Then there is the issue of the duty cycle limitation on the number of packets or the maximum amount of time broadcasting your device should restrict itself to.

The ThingsNetwork give a good breakdown here:

While this lays out their specific policy for their network, you will be faced with similar restrictions regardless of what network you may use.

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Many many thank’s for your help. So, Do you know if I can put a gsm shield and send the file via GSM?



I believe you could wire something up. There is available UART, SPI and I2C bus on the header pins.

However, you might find the Autonomo combined with one of the GSM Bees more suitable for this.

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Those looking for a remote management solution including remote updating. I’ve been working on a generic hardware/software/service solution for all LP-WAN devices. That solution right now is well on its way to become a prototype in februar 2017. It’s is called WLAN assisted remote management of LP-WAN IoT devices. When the prototype has been proven in practice to work you can remotely manage LoRa Nodes while keeping the autonomous power characteristic which make LoRa (and Sigfox, NB-IoT) that unique. Thanks to the new generation of WLAN chipsets, a wireless distance of 1000 mtr for assisted remote management is possible. This makes remote management of LoRa devices in rural areas through drones viable through out of band management.

dear sir
i am new to this technology. i am trying to develop a device which will be able to transfer analog signal (object presence detection) at a remote location & transmit it to a distance 10-15 km away . No need of images needed as of now.
only trigerring of an alarm is required. will it be possible using LORA tech??
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Yeap in general this can be established with LoRa(WAN)

Is there a way to access the RSSi of the last received packet when using RN2483 ?