Sending data and receiving it in wrong format

When i send data using the command
the API call deviceDataHistory reports the raw data as

Does anyone have any idea that the relation might be and why the data is messed up ?


“deviceDataHistoryDTOs”: [
“deviceId”: “7c3e60c5-90e3-4ad8-8a0a-094b02d0239d”,
“gatewayId”: “7c3e60c5-90e3-4ad8-8a0a-094b02d0239d”,
“appId”: “ZvwWrt3i_ByYgWpz6fW_FhMStwsa”,
“serviceId”: “RawData”,
“data”: {
“rawData”: “S0FNSUVM”
“timestamp”: “20180322T143910Z”

Hi @Kamiel_Straatman,

4B414D49454c is the same as S0FNSUVM
S0FNSUVM this is BASE64, you can decode this back to hexadecimal

Kind regards,

Hi Jan

Thanks for the (correct) answer. I dis some experimenting and found also that the data is base64 coded while being forwarded by the CDP platform.

On Unix:
echo CVIQwgPoAAAAAAAAAAA | base64 --decode | hexdump
0000000 09 52 10 c2 03 e8 00 00 00 00 00 00