SATA R410M CSQ signal

hi, I am use R410M to connect to NB-IOT netwaork, howerver it take a long time to search the signal. when use AT+CSQ,it return +CSQ: 99,99,and the AT+CEREG is return +CEREG: 0,2.after several min it will reach the signal with +CSQ: 21,99.

in the forum there is a relate topic about this, it suggest to set band mask, but I set the band mask with AT+UBANDMASK=1,185538719 which I read 185538719 after serch the signal.but it can not faster to register it. how can I fasten it? thanks.

Have you set the APN before starting to register? For me it register much faster if I do (replace myapn.iot with your APN:


That is still alot of bands to check: (all other zeros)1011000011110001100010011111
What band are available to you?

I only set band 20 -> (all other zeros)10000000000000000000 -> 524288

thanks Krolken and monalisan.

after set band it search CSQ much faster. but register still cost serveral seconds. it seems it can remember the APN setting, so wether I set APN or not seems not so much effect the register speed.

thanks again.