SARA + VODAFONE IT configuration

after installing the Sodaq libraries in the Arduino IDE platform, I found the nbIOT_test_udp where the following lines define the connection parameters for Vodafone NL; I should change apn to ep.inetd.gdsp and operator to 22210 to adapt to Vodafone Italy;
please, what is the meaning of the private IP address cdp=“” ?

#if defined(VODAFONE_NL)
const char* apn = “nb.inetd.gdsp”;
const char* cdp = “”;
uint8_t cid = 0;
const uint8_t band = 20;
const char* forceOperator = “20404”; // optional - depends on SIM / network

Hi @alelig,

Please don’t use the old nbIOT library.
We now have the N2X and R4X libraries.

To answer your question, with the N2X series it’s possible to send your CoAP data to a CDP(connected data platform) most providers only use UDP, then this setting isn’t used.

Best regards,