SARA u201, connect to FT232

I connected:

RX pin on FTDI - 3th pin on BEE header
TX pin on FTDI - 4th pin on BEE header
I saw on schematic on this link
that before on SaraU201 TX was changed with RX and RX with TX.
On 3.3V PIN from my laboratory power supply - 1st pin is on BEE header
On GND PIN from my laboratory power supply - 10 pin on BEE header
On 3.3V PIN from my laboratory power supply - 9 pin on BEE header

And on my terminal I set 9600 baud rate, but I didnt get echo of my character.
I don’t know which battery can I connect on JST header with which Voltage? Is this 1.8V or 3.3V ?

I saw these links too:

  1. Wiring Ubee R410M to FTDI
  2. Ubee Sodaq SARA U201 communicate with m-center through UART

PWR_ON pin on SaraU201 is 1.8V tolerant, I dont have 1.8V anywhere.
What am I doing wrong?
Thank you for your answer.

Please help me. Thank you.

You need to connect:

  • RX
  • TX
  • 3.3V
  • GND
  • DTR (this is used a switch, HIGH is on)

Crucially, as this is a 2G module, you need to plug in a battery to one of the connectors on top. Depending on the revision of the Bee module you have, you might see one of the headers has an extra pin (11 instead of the standard 10 for a Bee socket). This can be connected to a battery instead.

I have tested this setup today with a UartSBee and I was able to get a response to an AT command.