SARA R412M power with battery


I am new to Sodaq development boards. I want to power the SARA AFF R412M with a battery instead of USB. Which are my options?

  1. Use a higher capacity ion battery? max capacity?
  2. Use another battery supply for the board and keep the existing ion battery to compensate for the GPRS connect? what battery type would use recommend. Which pins should I connect the battery to?

Thank you

We recommend to use a 3.7V LiPo, they have a 4.2 max voltage.
The pin is compatible up to 5V

The capacity of the LiPo is up to you, the bigger the battery the longer it will run before you need to charge it. In the webshop we sell different compatible batteries.

You can run the sketch + gprs connect of the battery you got with the R412M.
The battery will charge when the USB is connected.

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