SARA N211 firmware

Hello, i am having trouble with communication with ublox SARA N211 module. Standard AT commands work, such as CGMI, CGMR, CGMM. But operations such as ATI9, NPIN and generally trying to connect with network operator does not work, it only replies with ERROR. I presume that it is due to firmware, and that i need an update. I also don’t have an arduino and i wonder if there is a way to update it only via USB. Can you help me with that?


You can upgrade your board without an arduino by following the steps on this page:

I will send you an email with the latest firmware for the N211.

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Can I have it too ? I keep getting +CSQ: 99,99 and I want to test the case of firmware. Thanks !

EDIT: With the command ATI9 you can check your firware version. Result N2 should be: 06.57,A07.03

I already have 06.57,A07.03, is this the latest ?

Hi @spApi

You have the latest firmware.
Are you sure you should have nbiot coverage in your place?
Ask your telecom provider if there is a cell near you where nbiot is active.
Also the N211 supports two bands, did you choose the correct band?

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Hi @Jan thanks for answering, I don’t want to spam this thread, please see here for the details of my case.

I have a neighbor, ~500m away from my building, he has an older version of SARA and it works great as he claims, also the provider ensures me that the is one tower in the city which support Band 8 and it covers my area.

I went to my neighbor’s place and tried my hardware with no luck. If I put the SIM card in my mobile phone, the signal is very good (4G) if that says something.

Thank you for your response, but i have trouble downloading from these links. Every link just stays on the “Your download will start soon” page and does nothing.
I have opened them with google chrome and entered given username and password. I cant seem to figure out the solution.

When trying to get the NB IoT shield up and running with the new IoT platform of T-Mobile, I have some issues with the latest libraries. I expect that this could be based by the old firmware on my NB IoT shield because in the example AT commands I need to remove the quotes with IP addresses etc.

Can you also send me the latest firmware? The NB IoT shield has the ublox chip SARA-N211 02B-00. The firmware version according to AT+CGMR is V100R100C10B656.

Thanks in advance!


You have mail :slight_smile:

@Jan thanks for your prompt response! I managed to download the files successfully.

According to the package required for my shield should be sara-N211-02B-00.fwpkg same as the example. However in the downloads only sara-N211-02X-01.fwpkg and sara-N211-02X-00.fwpkg are available. For the other chips like N210 there is a 02B available.

Can you advise if I could try to upload sara-N211-02X-00.fwpkg or will this brick the shield?

Dear @jurrien,

The 02B and 02X modules run on the same firmware.
You can safely upgrade your 02B module with the 02X update file :slight_smile:

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Great! The upgrade with the two firmware files went very smooth after switching USB ports. Now the shield has version 06.57,A09.06 and all the AT commands for registration works fine with the quotes.

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Dear @Jan. Can i have the new firmware too? I have the SARA-N211 02X-00 and my current firmware version is 06.57,A07.03.
I was struggling, but I managed to connect once with NB-IoT (+csq returned 21,99), but after a reset (+NRB) i always get +csq: 99,99.
Do you think this is because of an outdated firmware or something else? I am following the procedure of this site: at commands

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You have mail!

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Hi ,
i have the same problems with SARA-N211 firmware version is 06.57,A07.03
+csq: 99,99

Can you please send me the new FW version?

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Hi Valeria,

I have send you the firmware files by email.

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Dear Jan,

I have a bit old shield board with 06.57,A09.06 versions.
Could you, please send the latest firmware image and a link with instructions for shield board?


This is the latest version.

u-blox does have a new FW for SARA-N211-02X-01 dated 29.07.2019:
modem ver: 06.57
application ver: A10.08

Do you plan to provide such an update to sodaq customers?

Thanks for letting us know that there is a newer version for the N211.
I will see if I can get the update files from ublox.

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I have updated the firmware pages.

It seems the firmware is backwards compatible.
If you would like to have this firmware version please contact the ublox representive in your country.

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