Sara AFF R412M AT+CFUN=1 fails

I am trying to connect with the Sara AFF board on Vodafone NBIoT in Germany.
AT+CGMR → M0.00.00 [Oct 08 2020 15:00:01]
AT+CIMI → 901288003631384
ATI9 → M0.00.00,A.02.19
AT+CGCONT=1,“IP”,“” → OK
AT+CFUN=1 → +CME ERROR: phone failure

Hi Heinz,

Getting all zeroes after asking for CGMR and looking at the date mentioned after that it seems like you got an ancient FW version.

See here.


Hi Thom,
thanx for the quick reply. Unfortunately I can’t find the new firmware on the net. And not on the u-block sites. Can you provide me a link to the needed firmware.
Danke Heinz

Hi Heinz,

We are not allowed to share the firmware ourselves. I’m afraid you’ll have to contact Ublox yourself.
Sorry about that.


Thank you for the answer. I now have a problem. I can’t get an answer from U-Blox and I can’t use the Sodaq Sara AFF boards I bought. :frowning:
Can I send my Sara AFF boards back to Sodaq and can the update be carried out there?
Danke Heinz

Hi Heinz,

That’s weird. Did you give them some time to respond (and notice that they’re closed on weekends and holidays?)
If you waited a couple business days please contact us through e-mail and we’ll think of a solution.


Hi Heinz,

I sent you the firmware files by email.

For the update instruction you can go here:
The drivers are sometimes in Windows hidden under additional updates.

On this page are all the AT commands we use to send a message.
For you settings the MNO profile is most likely the most important before the module will turn on.
This is a requirement in the latest module firmware versions.

Let us know if you other issues/questions.

Best regards,

Hi Jan,
thank you very much. I will try it out tonight. Do I have to use easyFlush? Or can I do do this via AT-Commands and “screen”? I am not a Windows user.
Otherwise I have to set up a virtual box with Windows. Which is also ok.
Danke Heinz

Hallo Jan,

I am now trying the procedure. Unfortunately without success. After 3 hours I give up. Unfortunately I have the same problem as in the forum here already in many places is described. E.g. the Calcomm driver does not work, every 4 seconds tones for on/off of the com-port/usb.
The same behavior with another Sara aff board.
Gruss Heinz

Ok, after another hour we got it to work. Windows drivers for calcom modem where hidden by tons of security updates.

I would like to use MQTT to send data from the Sodaq tracker to Vodafone easyconnect in Germany. Unfortunately, I can’t find the flag to turn on MQTT with the tracker software. In the R4x library they are function calls for mqtt.

Hi @heinz,

Good to hear you got the update software working.

All included libraries support more then is used in the software.
The tracker application only supports UDP with either sodaq’s binary payload or the cayenne lpp.

If you want to use mqtt you have to write the code yourself.

Best regards,