SARA AFF access to SARA GPIO pins


I would like to test Last Gasp function on AFF R410. Rev3
There are 3 pins on the radio module that initiates last gasp : GPIO 3/4/6 with Ublox module pin nr 24/25/19

When looking at the SODAQ schematic Rev3 , then I cannot find GPIO 3/4/6, but can see that module pin nr 14 named GPIO2 is connected to TP14. Is this a type error?

However, are any of the radio module pins GPIO 3/4/6 accessible? Picture…


Hi Henrik_Sihm,

You are correct! It seems a typo was made in the symbol pinout.

TP14 is connected to pin #24 of the module (see image below for the location of TP14 / GPIO3). In the SARA-symbol this is stated as GPIO2, but should be GPIO3.

I will add this to our changelog for next revision. Thanks!

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