RN2903, Lorix One 868 EU

Hi All,

I have a LORIX One gateway, 868 MHz EU version. I have a Sodaq One board with a RN2903 LoRa chip which is the US version and operates at 915 Mhz.

We want to make a US application with the board, but test it in the EU.

Is it impossible to get this setup working ? Or is it working sub optimaI ?
If not possible at all, can I buy and use a LORIX One gateway, 915 MHz US version and use it legally in Europe to test the setup ?

Thanks !

Hi @jeroen1,

The RN2903 can send on 915 MHz only
The RN2483 can send on 443 and 868 MHz

For each module you need a compatible gateway.
If you are going to use the setup in the US, swap the gateway for an US version.

It is indeed illegal to use the 915 MHz in the EU. But I don’t see you doing any harm when you turn on the gateway and module when you are testing and shut it down when you are finished. The signal does not reach far anyway when you test inside.

Best regards,