Retrieve "Signal Power" value from AT+NUESTATS command

Hello everyone,

I encountered a problem on my Sodaq Mbili board, well more precisely, i have difficulties in retrieving a specific type of data from my board.

My board is set to gather settings from sensors and send them to a mobile service server. I would like to know the power of thr signal about to be sent.
I therefore entered MODEM_STREAM.println(“AT+NUESTATS”) in my code which gives me several data: Signal Power, Total Power and TX Power.

However i do not know if it is possible just to retrieve the data related to Signal Power. In other words, is it possible to parse it so that i can send the value onto a server as well?

I hope my problem is clear enough and at the right place.

Thank you to all,

After the — MODEM_STREAM.println(“AT+NUESTATS”) — code line,
how are you receiving and storing the reply?

The command AT+CSQ give you only the RSSI value.

(page 28)

(page 28)

Have you tried regular expressions to extract the signal power?

I get the measurements like this:

“Signal power”,-1175
“Total power”,-1094
“TX power”,230
“TX time”,3582
“RX time”,22430
“Cell ID”,11620236

I used python and regular expressions (regex) to extract, with this formula:

signal_power_unicode = re.findall(r’“Signal power”,(.*)’,

and i only got a list with the signal power values, in unicode which i then converted to float.