Replacing AllThingsTalk with another platform


  1. I was wondering if we can send our messages to our own server directly (I mean HTTP POST/PUT)? How we can bypass the AllThingsTalk?

  2. How we can use GET to receive a data? Any example?

  3. What about downlink (realtime)? Does each shield have a public IP address to be able to send a message to the device? Or we need to implement something like MQTT (to poll the server every x seconds to see there is a message for device or not)?

  4. Is there any carrier in Germany to support NB-IoT and the shield?

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I have the same problem, I can only ping with AT+NPING= but if I put any other IP it fails.

Hey @Farshad_Firouzi @ephimee,

Check out this replay:

With the implementation of NB-IoT you don’t have internet access.

NB-IoT is implemented as a messeging system.
You can only ping the server of T-Mobile router.


  1. Contact your local provider, buy a sim card and you are in total control.
  2. All Things Talk is working on this feature
  3. Yes, in some cities Deutsche telecom has a NB-IoT network.

Thanks for confirming that it is not possible to “break out”.
And yes I’m aware of the MQTT access.
I already have my own IOT platform so it doesn’t make any sense to have a MQTT proxy in between.

There are two ways to GET to receive data:

1. HTTP: Getting an asset state

There are couple of HTTP APIs that you can use to get an asset state or historical collection of states. Take a look in our API Reference docs at:

2. MQTT: Listening to Asset Feeds

If you have an MQTT client, you can listen for real-time state updates by subscribing to an Asset Feed topics:

Let me know how and if this work for you.