Reading external battery voltage

Can you read battery voltage of an external batter not connected to the Sodaq one? So for example use the sodaq one to read another devices battery level?

Any of the analog input pins can be used to read a maximum input voltage of 3.3V.

For anything higher, you will need add a voltage divider so that the voltage falls between 0…3.3V.

Thanks for your tip. Have you done this? What divider did you use?

Many of the Sodaq boards have a voltage divider on board for measuring the voltage of a connected LiPo.

The SodaqOne V3 (early versions did not) includes this as well.

See the ‘Battery Measurement’ section of the schematic:

This resource might help with selecting resistor values:

Thanks allot, I didnt know that! luckily I have a V3 board. Was it only meant for LiPo?

It is part of the internal circuitry and it would be difficult to repurpose it.