R410M not responding after entering PSM/Sleep


I’ve ran into some issues when it comes to consistently sending data with the httpPost function, using the Sodaq provided libraries.

The first message always sends without any issue, but after some delay (configureable with the AT + CPSMS command) the modem (r410m) enter PSM/sleep. AT commands don’t wake the modem, and i’ve read that toggling the power pin for the modem should wake it from this state, but I’ve had no success in regaining communication with the modem.

I’ve tried the:

digitalWrite(powerPin, LOW);
digitalWrite(powerPin, HIGH);

and than calling the isAlive() function to check if the modem is turned back on. However, this doesn’t regain responsiveness. I’ve tried changing the powerPin to SARA_RESET and enablePim, but nothing seems to reset the modem to the point that the MCU can communicate with it again.

Am I missing some steps?