R410M error codes

Dear sodaq,

On the last makerlab (27 sept) I also got the R410M. During the makerlab I registered it at the AllThingsTalk site portal. All things were fine. On the road home the device nicely logged (I was able to read all the values in the portal). It still got no gps connection so I placed it in de garden (for about 1 hour) and happily it also got a gps fix.

Durring the night the device was indoor and from time to time had a gps fix. In the morning I checked the AllThingsTalk site to view all info. But… The device was now giving a red led. So, onto the serial monitor…

Since then it never got connection to the network. It’s now returning errors like:

AT [rdResp]: timed out
Error: No Reply from Modem

[rdResp]: timed out
Please insert the SIM Card and restart the device

I tried turning it off and on again, replaced the sim etc. etc. but no luck so far.

An other important detail, when restarting the device (by reset button) de device will show the menu with options, but above first one error message: Failed to get IMEI! So it seems it cannot reach the modem.

Any idea what to do next?