R410 AFF Firmware Issue


As recommended I upgraded the UBLOX firmware of 10 devices that I own to the latest version. On 2 devices, however, the process stopped and I received an error during flashing (see screenshot). Now I am unable te re-flash the devices as they are recognized as ’ ‘qualcomm cdma msm qhsusb_bulk’ device instead of the ‘normal’ msm device. The modem is no longer recognized on the serial side.

What can I do to reset the device and re-flash again?


Hi @themuli,

Remove all power sources from the device.
Connect the USB cable to the MCU and double press the reset button to put the MCU in bootloader mode, this will prevent the MCU talking to the ublox module.
Connect the 2nd USB cable to the Sara USB port and try the update tool again.

Sometimes a reboot of the Windows PC also helps to be able to fix the recognise of the Qualcomm ports.

Best regards,

Hi @Jan,

Unfortunately it did not work. The device is still announcing itself as BULK device and the Easyflash tool times out not finding the device.
I updated another board to observe how the process should work. The change of device type seems to be part of the process. I wonder how it can be reset. Do you know or can you inquire with the manufacturer?



Hi @themuli,

Since you have another device working properly, I suggest you contact our webshop to swap your device.

Best regards,