Question regarding ONE v1 rev.4: which firmware? which RN2483 lib? which board? which UniversalTracker?

After receiving a mail in May regarding a new firmware for my ONE and message about integration of the UniversalTracker-v2 software with Cayenne, I finally got around to trying it all out.

I own one of the Kickstarter ONE v1 rev.4 units and now flashed it with the new firmware 1.0.3 and put the UniversalTracker-v2 on it. Unfortunately it didn’t work as it couldn’t connect to my Lora Gateway (OTAA failed).

Diving into the root-cause of the failure I stumbled about the Arduino RN2483 library and the Arduino Board version that I forgot to update since a long time. But still, even after upgrading all to the latest version (at the 29th of July 2017), the combination didn’t work. Finally I found that I had to downgrade the board version to SODAQ SAMD Boards by SODAQ version 1.6.12 (latest 1.6.14 and missing 1.6…13…) to get the UniversalTracker-v2 software to connect to my Lora Gateway again.

Though… during my search I found out that I apparently missed that a Version 2 of the ONE has been released. I however cannot find a description (except for some hints in messages of other forum users) about what changed and whether the UniversalTracker-v2 is meant for the ONE version 2 only and not suitable for the ONE v1 rev.4. Therefor the following questions:

  1. Is there a reference to documentation that describes the compatibility between ONE v1 rev.4. and ONE version 2?
  2. Which versions of the board SODAQ SAMD Boards by SODAQ are suited for usage with the ONE v1 rev.4.? Will newer versions remain usable?
  3. Which versions of the library Sodaq_RN2483 by Alex Tsamakos, SODAQ are suited for usage with the ONE version 1 rev.4? Will newer versions remain usable?
  4. Is the UniversalTracker-v2 suitable for usage on the ONE v1 rev.4. or only meant to be used on the ONE version 2? (and was I lucky to get it working?)
  5. What combination(s) of firmware + library + board will work with the ONE v1 rev.4.? (as I could’t get it running with the board version 1.6.14).


For your information, the combination that I got working on (that is: at least connecting from) my ONE v1 rev.4. is:

  • Library: Sodaq_RN2483 by Alex Tsamakos, SODAQ v1.0.9
  • Board: SODAQ SAMD Boards by SODAQ version 1.6.12
  • Firmware: v1.0.3
  • UniversalTracker-v2: version 4.6.0 (master from 29th of July 2017)

Dear Harm,

UniversalTracker (One V1) vs UniversalTracker-v2 (One V2)

UniversalTracker-v2 is for One V2. The software will partly work on the V1.

GPS and LoRa are software compatible, main fix interval feature should work fine.
They both use different accelerometers, on board temperature will display the wrong value.
On-The-Move is only in V2 and software is written only for the accelerometer on the V2.

  • Library, you don’t need it for the trackersoftware, the library is built-in.
  • Board, please update to 1.6.14
  • Arduino IDE, please update to 1.8.3 ( Older Ardiuino version is probaly the issue why 1.6.14 isnt working for you)
  • Firmware, 1.0.3 is the latest


Hi Jan,

Thanks for this spot on answer. I am indeed using an older Arduino IDE. I didn’t think about upgrading it;-) Regarding all the versions: this clarifies as well. I will pick the right combination and try it soon again!