Problems with Tracker Sodaq one, microchip RN2483

  1.   We downloaded successfully the new files added on your repository.

Then we compiled correctly the Sodaq Tracker (v2 – 4-6-0, as shown in lora sketch SodaqOneTrackerV2 attached file ).
We are now able to open the Serial Monitor.
2. We perform the failure of LORA settings initialization procedure.
After 120 seconds we notice a time out (as shown in Lora Monitor 1.png and Lora Monitor2.png attached files) and AppsKey/App EUI and NWSKey/ AppKey parameters remain always set to 0 value.
3. On your website we have noticed the presence of two different software sketches: LORA Serial Passtrough and Simple Lora. But we don’t know their purpose and related functions.
4. Then, in order to enable a correct association between SODAQ One and Multitech Gateway both for OTAA and ABP procedure, we used LORA Serial Passtrough Sketch to write AppsKey/App EUI and NWSKey/ AppKey information displayed on our Multitech Gateway.
If we write the AppsKey/App EUI and NWSKey/ AppKey parameters through LORA Serial Passtrough Sketch using MAC SET command, we are able to write them correctly on SODAQ.
But if we take a look on Serial Monitor, we noticed that these parameters remain always set to 0 value.

There is no mac get for nwkskey, appskey or appkey. They are mac set only (assumedly for security reasons). Unfortunately the only way to know if you have them set correctly is to successful send a packet.

How are you noticing “that these parameters remain always set to 0 value”?

Thanks for the informations.

To see parameter values we used Sodaq one Universal Tracker v2 - 4.6.0

Ah, I see. Sorry, looks like SodaqOneTrackerV2 has come a long way and I’m not familiar with it!

From reading the source I see that that all those params are just set/get from Flash. All zeros is the reset value. I can’t see why reading/writing to/from Flash would be problematic. However, it wouldn’t surprise me much to find that what’s in Flash could be different to what has been sent to the RN2483.

I’m sorry I’m not familiar enough with SodaqOneTrackerV2 to help any further.

What you are viewing is the start up menu for the tracker software. You must enter your values here. These are stored on the device (not the LoRa module), and are set at startup etc.

To edit any of the parameters use command=value.

For example to set the NWSKey you would type something like this:


Make sure to send both line endings (CR/LF).

The menu will exit automatically after 120s or immediately if you enter ok.

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Thank you. Now we try to apply the advice.