Power saving mode

After giving the Power saving mode AT commands to keep the module 5 minutes in sleep and 20 seconds in idle mode , can I give another AT commands after giving the power saving mode command? and when will this command is going to execute I mean will it execute after 5 minutes when the power saving mode is expire or instant?

I am assuming that when the module is in PSM, it is not going to execute the other AT commands, but after giving the "AT+CPSMS=1,“10100101”,“00001010” I gave another AT and it executed. So my question is my module is in sleep mode or not ? I checked with AT+CPSMS? and I got the reply +CPSMS=1,“10100101”,“00001010” OK.

And another question is if the device is in sleep mode it will execute the manual commands or not?
waiting for the reply.

Duplicate topic, closing this topic.