Ping Sodaq Sara R410M


Does anyone knows how to make a ping to a specific IP in Sodaq Sara R410M?
I found the PNING command but it doesnt work in this version o Sodaq Sara.


Maybe this will work: AT+UMQTTC=8, “server”?

Yes i tried the comand AT+UMQTTC=8, “server” and the responce is :
+UMQTTC: 8,0
The zero means that the ping is failed, but vodafone support told me that they dont support that protocol yet.
So does anyone knows to make a ping with different way?

Do you know if i can make ping from my server to device? if yes what ip should i use for the device?
The command AT+CGPADDR give me response :
Is the ip of the device? my apn is

I dont think the R410 supports ping (icmp) via AT command.

But if you just want to test connectivity send an udp messages to Ublox echo server and see if you get anything back.