PIN_A8 INPUT_PULLUP not working (soved)


PIN_A8 seems not being pulled up. I am using pinMode(PIN_A8, INPUT_PULLUP);

This pin is also named AIN16 in the ONE overview, however PIN_A16 is not defined in the variant.h file.

Is it possible to internally pullup this pin or is this due to the fact that it can also be used as I2C line not possible?



There is some naming confusion in the schema, but A8 is the correct label (that is SAMD21 PA08 pin).

The i2c capability of that pin would not affect its IO behaviour. Not unless an i2c bus, which uses that pin, has been actively configured.

I tried replicating this issues with a v2 board, but I was unable to.

Are you performing any analog reads on that pin?

Hi Gabriel,

I will double check.

Not using analog reads.

Yes, the naming is confusing. A8 is the name in the LoRaONE External Pin Descriptions?



Can you try referencing it via the digital pin id i.e.:

pinMode(8, INPUT_PULLUP);


I double checked and PinA8 pullup is working fine.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

The custom PCB I was working on was not clear in its numbering, a resistor was missing and I was tired.