ONE transmission power and counter reset


I got my ONE this weekend (yay!) and modified the tracker software to my needs. I’m so grateful you did all the heavy lifting, I wouldn’t know where to start if I had to write it myself!

I’ve got two questions:
The Lorawan packet counter is being reset every time the device loses power or gets reset. I tried to save the counter by calling a save routine every time a message is sent. I added to Sodaq_RN2483.cpp:

void Sodaq_RN2483::save()

with STR_CMD_SAVE defined as #define STR_CMD_SAVE "mac save", as per

However, the counter still resets to 0 after a reset. Any idea how I should make the counter persistent?

Second, I find that the signal from the ONE as received by a TTN gateway is significantly weaker than that from an RFM95W device I also have (based on a Dragino 1.3 shield). Both use a piece of wire for antenna. The ONE gets a rssi in the range of -118 to -109 dB, while the Dragino gets -103 to -95 dB from the same location.The ONE does not reach a second gateway that the Dragino can reach. Could it be that the ONE does not use maximum power by default? Do other people see this behavior as well?



To answer my own question:

To save the Lorawan frame counter between resets you need to send an extra CR/LF after the save command:

I explicitly set the transmission power to the max (value=1 for 868MHz), which gave me the same result: fairly low signal strength. I still wonder if other people see that as well.