No response from passthrough sketch


I’m using a sodaq sara sff r410m board with an NB-IoT t-mobile sim card. However, when I use the passthrough sketch the device doesn’t respond to my commands in the serial monitor. Sometimes it responds to 1/2 commands,sometimes none at all.

Any tips? I do run the latest software.

Thanks in advance


Hi @RogierRog,

I have found the issues to this problem.

  1. The togglepin
    Running the sketch for the first time will toggle the on/off pin, result the modem is activated.
    Running the sketch for the 2nd time will turn the modem off. You won’t be able to communicate to the modem.

  2. PSM
    The latest firmware puts the module in PSM mode. In other works when it’s idle it puts itself into sleep and it won’t react on AT commands anymore.

I will make a note that we need to update this sketch.

Best regards,