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I m new in NB-IoT & Sodaq board. I have the Sodaq Sara AFF R410M board. I follow the instructions of link . I run the code that recommends this link and after that i run the commands for Vodafone
I have a Vodafone Sim Card and i am in an university in a town of Greece, where vodafone has an antenna for NB-IoT network.
I try to connect with the command AT+COPS=1,2,β€œ20205”,9 (20205 is for Vodafone Greece) , but the response always is :
+CME ERROR: no network service
I spoke with vodafone support and they told me to ask the soda support if soda has to do anything to activate or provisioning my sim card or general to help me with that problem.
The signal as i run the command AT+CSQ is +CSQ: 16,99

Thank you very much.


With the command AT+COPS? You will get a list of operators. Is 20505 also there?
Can you contact Vodafone to check if they enabled NB-IoT on the cell next to you?

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With the command AT+COPS? i get a list of operators. The 20205 is there :
the response is :
+COPS: (1,β€œ202 01”,β€œ202 01”,β€œ20201”,9),(1,β€œ202 05”,β€œ202 05”,β€œ20205”,9),(0,1,2,3,4),(0,1,2)
I will contact again with vodafone support , i will ask that you say and i will post the answer.

Thanks a lot

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The network services may be disrupted sometimes. I don’t have any idea why it is happensing. I am facing Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing Windows 10 on my issue. maybe this is one of the cause of this issue.

sakxam I am also in Greece (Agricultural University of Athens) and I face a similar problem.
Did you find a solution?
May i have your email?