no_free_channel error message

I have been working through the Semtech LoRaWAN Academy course, for which a SODAQ Explorer board is used.
At the point where I need to do OTAA registration with the Things Network, I get the following error repeated error message:

Sending: mac join otaa
Response is not OK: no_free_channel

I have done a search and found various explanations of why this might be happening. For example:

  • the firmware is corrupt: “It looks like the no_free_ch problem is triggered when the duty cycle is somehow set to zero”
  • the board needs a factory reset ( sys factoryRESET )

It’s a brand new board, so I am a bit disappointed that I am having this problem. Does anybody have any idea of how to fix this issue?

Same as No_free_ch problem with SODAQ explorer
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