No data in AllTingsTalk (solved)

I use the provided demo sketch to sent the temperature and humidity to AllTingsTalk.
Sending the message seems to work.
I configered AllTingsTalk like described on the support webpage, but there is no data incomming in AllTingsTalk.
I don’t know wat is going wrong.

i found it.
I created a asset “Temperature”.
In the data encoding i wrote “asset”: “temperatuur”, with t in lowercase.
Changed in t in uppercase and it works.
In the activity and debug tab there is no data, so i was thinking there is no data incomming.

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Hello Aart, I am new to this. I have the NB-IoT module and the Arduino Leonardo. Where did youI find the demo sketch for the NB-IoT ? (I DO know the Arduino)

Hey Jan,
You can find the demo’s on github
See also
It is not a complete step by step tutorial, you have to figer things out by yourself.
Mayby some day Sodaq will make a complete tutorial…

OK, thanks (a little late, sorry). Jan