No connection with BLE shield? Help

I think this is a new BLE shield and the support pages are not updated with this shield.
i assume i connected it correctly by looking at the USB sign.

I tried several examples of the library but after downloading always the following message: “init procedure failed”

Please help and also update your documentation/support page

Thanks appreciate it


Hi Richard,

I chatted with a colleague and he pointed out that you have a different version of the BLE shield.
The one in support and pictured in our shop uses a Microchip BLE chip, you seem to have a Nordic variant.

We’ll try some things internally to see if we can point you in the proper direction. If this seems to be impossible in the short term we’ll contact you and suggest a replacement with the one as shown in the shop/support.
If you don’t want to wait for that please contact support directly and ask for a replacement.


Hi Thom,

Mhh that is a little bit dissapointed. John (Aventec) will take contact with Sodaq for the other BLE because we are in a hurry for a customer proof of concept

Thanks for your reply.