NB-iot sodaq firmware update / pi3

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I am trying to update the firmware of sodaq shield (sara n211), though I couldnt not find UE Updater program anywhere. Could somebody help me out with this? (Also with the firmware?)
Can I update the board with arduino YUN/TIAN/UNO?

(little off topic)
Is it possible to use the shield with raspberry pi3?


I just send you an email with the instruction.
I haven’t tested it on a pi. But I don’t see why it shouldn’t work.

Uno = NO, YUN/TIAN I don’t know.
You need a board with a different serial on the usb and d0/d1.

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Hello Jan,

Firstly thanks for the instructions sent by email!

Secondly I still was not able to update the board, due to Serial problems. I try to use an Arduino MKR1000 tx/rx pins. It does not respons at all. I used an arduino uno inbetween MKR1000 and sodaQ board, it started to response with mistakes. Then I pulled the UNO out of the connection and connecting MKR1000 directly to the board without reset. It started to response without mistakes. I thought it all goes well however after a few minutes (or right after restarting the board) the sodaq refuses to answer anything. No message at all.

Any suggestion on this?


You can try to use a serial passthrough sketch with baudrate 115200.
And manually reset it by the pin on the board.
See: http://support.sodaq.com/sodaq-one/nb-iot-firmware-upgrade-using-usb-serial/
After updating the module, upload an sketch with baudrate 9600 to send AT commands.

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Hello Jan,

Thank you for your support, I managed to make a Firmware Update with UE + instructions you provided(115200 baud + manual reset). We have also connected successfully to our Server via sim card connection using AT commands. However, we still have a problem, it may not relate to the board. After plugging MKR1000 to the computer to use AT commads it does not reply. We pull out the Tx Rx pins, waiting about 5-10 seconds, than plug in those pins and then we get reply and all working fine. Could it be compatibility issues or MCU related problem?

We use 9600 baud rate during AT commands, We use Serial1 for rx/tx pins, We have a code like
while (!Serial1);
and then just use

Thanks for all your help, we could make a huge step forward!

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