NB-IoT Shield vs NB-IoT SARA module


Is the code exacly the same for the shield as for the module itself?
I’ve got a shield and a module now, and want use the same code.
Is that possible?

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Another question,
All the library’s doesn’t work on the SARA module either?
Because if i want the example it doesn’t work either.


The thing i’ve changed is this:

//int8_t gnssPin = 26;				// Poweron the GNSS-module
//int8_t nbiotPin = 27;			// Poweron the NB-IoT-module
#define powerPin SARA_ENABLE
#define enablePin SARA_TX_ENABLE

In my setup:

	pinMode(powerPin, OUTPUT);
	digitalWrite(powerPin, HIGH);
	pinMode(enablePin, OUTPUT);
	digitalWrite(enablePin, HIGH);

The only thing i’ll get back is:

Waiting for connection
[rdResp]: timed out
[rdResp]: timed out
[rdResp]: timed out
[rdResp]: timed out
[rdResp]: timed out

What is going wrong?


Did you move your device to Nokia Impact?

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Dear jan,

Yes i did, i use the sim-card that worked in a working device (the NB-IoT shield with Arduino ZERO).
I’ve checked the firmware version and that is also the newest one.

The only thing that could be wrong is in my code.
The method to put the modules on was:

int8_t gnssPin = 6; // Poweron the GNSS-module
int8_t nbiotPin = 7; // Poweron the NB-IoT-module

Maby this is changed?
I’m trying to make a N211 SARA module work… the one i doesn’t need an arduino zero anymore…

dear @Jan,

I’ve also find out that all the examples are not working? (even the accelerometer not)


Did you also remove all the sensors?


Did you use the examples within the Sodaq_nbiot library? The examples from the Sodaq course, my personal github are not working with the latest library/firmware.

The accelerometer could be chaged. We use the LSM303AGR on the SODAQ SARA.
An example is inside the LSM303AGR library. What can be downloaded from the Arduino Library Manager or Github

Dear @Jan,

I’ve already got the new Library, but i found the problem…
the problem was enabling the modules…

the old version was:

//int8_t gnssPin = 26; // Poweron the GNSS-module
//int8_t nbiotPin = 27; // Poweron the NB-IoT-module

now it is:

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