NB-IoT shield to send all sensor data and GPS in AllThingsTalk

I wrote a small blog on howto set things up so all your sensor data and GPS position is properly shown within the AllThingsTalk pinboard:


Hi Hans,

Nice written article! Thanks! I’ll give it a try when the sketch becomes available.

I see that the temperature is about 30°C in your screenshots, I get similar values, but it’s only 24 inside my room. The sensor appears to be off by about 5 degrees. Do you experience the same or is it really hot at your place?

Regards Eelke.

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Nice to see that the community is doing so much with NB-IoT :slight_smile:

Yesterday two hours before your post I updated my git with a similar example sketch.
I just updated http://support.sodaq.com/sodaq-one/nb-iot_tutorials/
Let me know your feedback.

@EelkeVisser I see similar offset with my device.
Maybe the chip manufacturer did callibrate this batch not correct :frowning:


Jan provided the sketch on his github.

Indeed i experience the same. Alao for the pressure sensor it seems to be off… online i see 1008 hPa and also my weatherstation gives me that value. From the nb-iot shield I get 735. @Jan what is the difference in this value? Does it measure in hPa?