NB-IoT Shield + Genuino 101


I am trying to use the Arduino Genuino 101 board combined with the NB-IoT shield.
Can someone please explain to me what changes need to be done in order to make sure this combination can work.
I am stuck with declaring the board and defining the Serial ports. The following section pricesely:

#define USB Serial
#define UBLOX Serial1

#define USB SerialUSB
#define UBLOX Serial

#elif defined(ARDUINO_SAM_ZERO)
#define USB SerialUSB
#define UBLOX Serial1

#error “Please select a Sodaq ExpLoRer, Arduino Leonardo or add your board.”

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Anis_Belakremi

We don’t have a Genuino 101 here to test with our Sodaq Shield.
We will not support the Genuino 101 + Sodaq NB-IoT Shield.

I recommend to use an Arduino M0, Arduino Leonardo or Sodaq Explorer with our NB-IoT Shield.
I close this tread since there are already multiple about the NB-IoT Shield + Genuino 101.
I didn’t see any customers to succeed with the Arduino/Genuino 101.

Kind regards,