NB IoT platform project


I am developing a project related to my MSc degree, which involves developing an IoT platform, in which I am looking into receiving data through low frequency devices.
I would like to know if NB-IoT is covered in Portugal and if the dev kits will allow me to solve the following issues.
Have a long term battery associated with my hardware solution. Since we are dealing with low frequencies, I’m assuming the energy consumption would be very low, right?
Send coordinates at a small fixed time interval.
I am from Portugal, so I cannot attend seminars about the products, but I would certainly like to get in touch with someone to further help me with my project.
Thank you very much, and I am sorry if some of my questions might be obvious, but my expertise is not exactly located at the hardware level, but it is more at the software level.
I would also like to know if this is the best solution for what I am looking for. I am looking into a small device that can work as a trackable device, which can transmit data to a cloud that I will be implementing. I would also like to know how to manage new devices that would be registered in my platform.
Thank you once again