[NB-IOT] Firmware Version installed on SARA-Nxxx chip

Have to mention that my board did not arrive yet :wink: What firmware version is installed on the SARA-Nxxx chip? Next question: What is the possible/preferred way to update it?

Sorry to hear that! Could you drop us an e-mail on info@sodaq.com with your information? We’ll get right on that as soon as we have your info!

About the firmware version, all the shields that we have send to the backers have the latest version of the firmware (V100R100C10B656). We currently haven’t received any new version of the firmware, but also I’m not completely sure if we can share it directly with our customers, since it is released under NDA of uBlox. But IF you get your hands on a newer version of the firmware, our preferred method is using a USB-to-Serial converter. This converter connects the RX-TX to D0-D1 and GND to the GND (and an Arduino-sketch that turn on the NB-IoT module and turns off the Serial). With this, the software of uBlox can upload the new binaries to module. We’ve also tried using an Arduino with a 32-bit microcontroller as a pass-through for the Serials (from SerialUSB to Serial/Serial1, depending on the Arduino), but it differs per firmware on how stable this is.

It depends on how the firmware (and the software from uBlox) is released in the future, but we’re more than happy to write a short tutorial on this if we get requests for it.

Hope this helped!

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a) board arrived today.
b) V100R100C10B656 is ok for vodafone germany at the moment.
c) a tutorial would be cool :wink:

Hey @buntspeXt,

Try to look at the support page, you will find a step-by-step AT commands to start working with the NB-IoT shield.