NB-IOT data not arriving?

after hooking up an external antenna i had reception, connection, can ping and can send messages: PENDING=0,SENT=3,ERROR=0 , but they dont showup in allthingstalk anywhere.

I have made the asset as instructed. Am i looking in the wrong place? is it not working yet ?

and found it. the standard interpreter expects 15 bytes, but the AT example sends only 11 (with a typo in it, its ‘Hello Worle’). And then the message just gets ignored.

Another issue is that the quotes used in the AT example are unicode quotes, so they dont work when copy & pasting. The same issue for the example JSON.

I’m glad you already found the issue.

It’s true that the data lenght needs to be smaller, or the same size of the data.
You can send multiple values in a row, this way you can split the data and fill multiple sensor values.

We are aware of the issue with the quotes ill try to solves this issue soon.

Is there a way to work around the data length issue (e.g. that it needs to be smaller/same size)?

If I am not sure how long the message is going to be [1 … 256 bytes] it is very tricky to setup the correct payload conversion template.

I don’t have a work around for ATT.
Maybe you can find a work around here: http://docs.allthingstalk.com/

Work around for the Arduino code:
Send always the same size, add spaces on the end of the string, add zero’s in front of a number.