NB-IOT/ Arduino UNO

Is it possible to plug the NB-IOT board into the Arduino UNO one? If so, should I keep in mind anything to manage it?


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Yes you can use the NBIoT shield with the Arduino UNO.

However, since the UNO only has a single UART (Serial), things are bit more complicated during development and testing. You will likely need use SoftwareSerial in order to communicate with both the NBIoT module and the USB connection at the same time.

Which Arduino board do you suggest me in order to simplify it, then? MEGA?

You will run into similar issues with the Mega1280 or 2560.

While both of them have 4 UARTS, the first one Serial, is connected to both the USB and to D0/D1.

The shield uses pins D0/D1 for the serial connection between the main board and the NBIoT module.

However, during development you can have the shield disconnected and add the required jumper wires so that you are using either Serial1, Serial2 or Serial3 for the NBIoT.

See this thread: http://forum.sodaq.com/t/nb-iot-shield-arduino-mega-2560-cant-communicate-with-at-commands/


So, same issue for Arduino ZERO as well, since it provides 2 UARTS, is that correct?

But I didn’t really get…if it is used a virtual UART within Arduino UNO because it has only a single Serial, in case you need to use more UART ports, so then, it should be solved once a MEGA board is used, since it has 4 UART serials, is not that right?

I use an Arduino Leonardo with the NBIoT shield. Same pinout as the Uno, but with an additional serial interface via USB.

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There are two issues. First is the number of UARTs. Second, the location of the pins of the UARTs.

The Mega boards do have additional UARTs (four in total each). However, when the shield is attached, it uses D0/D1 for the connection between the board and the NBIoT module. Those pins are connected to the first UART (Serial) which is also connected to the USB interface.

The Leonardo might be a good option for this as it has two UARTs, and the one that the shield connects to is separate from the USB interface. (You will need to use Serial1 for communicating with the NBIoT when using the Leonardo.)

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The link you provided is not valid now. I have UNO and the nb-iot shied, wonder how to get them connected using wires? and what kind of code is needed?

i´m a beginner here.


I replied on your question here: