N211 Sample Code?


I bought a N211 for connecting a I2C sensor to the t-Mobile network for a pilot project. I’m afraid, I’m bit more n00b than I thought ;-0

Are there sample sketches available (e.g. for GPS position) that I can use to get some (sample) data over the network? So I can make sure that data gets over the network. I than can build a sketch to read the I2C sensor.

Greets Joris

Hi @Gussinklo,

On this page you can find information about the board

In the Arduino IDE you can install sodaq nb-iot libraries, these libraries also have examples.
If you use an other IDE, the source code is also available on GitHub

example with gps

We also have a universal tracker code available

Best regards,

Hi Jan, thanks for the sketch (and the swift response)!

I will start with it this weekend :slight_smile:

Greets Joris

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