Making UniversalTracker V2 working on V1 boards

Hi there,

I know there is a dedicated software version for V2 and V1, but looking into the code the V2 seems very more advanced and featured (makes sense). Sorry for my stupid question but I’ve got V2 and V1 Sodaq One boards and having two repositories (with different code and features) is a bit complicated and confusing.
So my question is, is it possible to use V2 version on V1 with only small changes?

  • I know HW changes are on the accelerometer chip changed (LSM303 to LIS3DE) and IRQ but I succeed to use IRQ for accelerometer also on V1, so may be using two libraries for the accelerometer on Version 2 of the tracker and adding some defines in code would do the trick ?
  • GPS has also been improved and I don’t know (sorry I do not have so much time to check) if libraries are compatible ?
  • We could even create on boards.txt Sodaq One and Sodaq One V2 with 2 different #define in code so compiler would compile and use correct library depending on board selected

Despite the accelerometer is there any more HW change that could make V2 version working on V1 boards impossible?