Make RN2483 LoRaBee use one frequency

I have a sodaq mbili board with a rn2483 lora module, I would like to use it with a lopy nano gateway, I have managed to set the spreading factor but I have not yet managed to set the frequency not to change. I have tried LoRaBee.setFsbChannels(1);
but it does not seem to work, any help will be appreciated

Hi @Note_3,

At SODAQ we don’t work with single a channel gateway.
In our libraries we only support the LoRaWAN full channel gateways.
The command LoRaBee.setFsbChannels(1) sets the subset of channels.

If you want to use a single channel, you have to write some code yourself.
You can find all commands here:

The code of our RN library can be found on GitHub:

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Thanks I managed to make it report with one channel

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