Loss of connection to TTN, radio seems to 'hang' in a state


I am lifetesting the Sodaq one V2 board.
After a couple of weeks of sending once every two minutes a message to TTN the Sodaq suddenly lost connection. (over 20.000 messages sent)
A second Sodaq was running and did not loose connection to my Gateway and TTN.
Reset of the board did not help, I tried it a couple of times. I saw in the monitor that the module was starting up again but did not go any futher than “initializing LoRa”
The only thing that helped was removing all powersources (USB+battery) and “cold” re-start.
I want to register this as an issue. Maybe there should be a “watch-dog” function that can recover from this state !

Thanks for letting us know, we love feedback!

We are aware of the problem that some modules hang after a lot of messages.
The RN module then goes in a unknown state.

A reset of the RN module has to be done.
In the current software the only option is removing all power sources.
In the next version we implemented the reset line from the mcu to the lora module to recover from this state.