LoRaONE RN2903 fails to connect to gateway

The demo sketch at http://support.sodaq.com/loraone-lora-basic-sketch/ uses a library called Sodaq_RN2483.h. Do I need a 2903 version of this to connected to a 915Mhz gateway?

Currently the demo sketch fails for me with “Connection to the network failed!”

Hello Maj,

The RN2903 and RN2483 have a few subtle differences when setting frequencies, but looking at SODAQ_RN2483.cpp I don’t see any of those commands used.

But … its worth confirming what gateway you are using. I would assume its an 8-channel ‘hybrid’ gateway. RN2903 is designed to support the full 64-channel gateways as defined in the standard. When you try to join (presumably you are using OTAA join to get this message) then your LoRaONE could be talking on any of the 64-channels, and the gateway would be listening only on 8 channels. So you only have a 1-in-8 chance of getting through.

You need to add a function to mask the un-used channels.

Some code from TheThingsNetwork:

define CHANNEL_LOW 48
define CHANNEL_HIGH 55

for (int i = 0; i < 72; i++) {
if (i == 70 || CHANNEL_LOW <= i && i <= CHANNEL_HIGH)
Configure(“mac set ch status " + String(i) + " on”);
Configure(“mac set ch status " + String(i) + " off”);

Thanks JDP. I’m connecting to a Multitech Conduit. Masking the unused channels seemed to work intermittently, maybe 1 in 20 transmissions succeed. Also the library needs a tweak to expect the string “RN2903” upon reset or it will fail to connect.

I’ve had better success sending commands to the RN2903 directly without the library so will go with that for now.