LoRaONE or SODAQ Autonmo?

Hi there, I’m looking to get either a LoRaONE or SODAQ Autonmo to measure either windspeed or perhaps high tides (there is a tidal tracker tutorial on the ThingSpeak site) and I’m not sure which would be most appropriate. I’d very much like to utilize the Autonomo’s solar panel and lithium battery but I’m not sure if it is possible to do this whilst also using the weather proof box? Would buying another IP 54 box (think it would need to be about IP 54 to sit near splashing water on a potentially sandy cliff).

I’ll also be using an arduino uno with a shield and RN2483 module for the receiver, and connect it to an old laptop and then up to the cloud (ThingSpeak) via wifi in my flat. (I live very near the beach I intend to monitor).

A few points to consider:

  • LiPo powered plus solar charging is supported by both the SodaqONE and the Autonomo.
  • As far a weather proof box, the approximate dimensions of the LoRaONE are 1.0" x 1.6" inches. The Autonomo is approximately, 1.3" x 2.3" inches.
  • The SodaqONE has both an accelerometer and a GPS.
  • The Autonomo has flash memory storage and an SD card slot.
  • The SodaqONE is based on the G18 variant and the Autonomo the J18, this provides the Autonomo with some additional IO pins.
  • The SodaqONE has an onboard LoRa module, the Autonomo has a Bee socket which can be use with a variety of modules (e.g. GSM, LoRa etc).

For more information:

Also please have a look at this solution:

Measuring wind speed is really simple, since most wind speed sensors are just pulse counters. Both Autonomo and SODAQ ONE will easily support this.