LoraOne (Beta) has arrived

Hi, LoraOne arrived - is there any more documentation besides the schematic ? First observation : the connector to connect the LiPO is missing :frowning:

I’m not understanding enable_pin_io and external_switch what is the purpose, as I read it they are required to be high when running on battery - how to get this high after reset and running on a battery ??

Hi Willem,

There is a whole concept behind the way this has been wired up.
First we want the device to be on when the USB is plugged in. As you can see, by plugging the USB, the 5V goes high and this enables the regulator and voila the ONE is on.

Similarly by connecting the V_BAT to the EXTERNAL_SWITCH pin also switches power on. This allows us to have a slide switch (or just a wire) conncting J2_4 to J2_5 for owering the device on and off.

Now some people wanted to have a mementary switch (push button) to power the device on and off.
And since we like to please everyone we implemented this too. This works as follows: if you make the link between J2_4 and J2_5 for let’s say one second you allow the ONE to start up. You could then in your code make the ENABLE_PIN_IO high, whereby the device keeps itself on.

Thanks for the detailed explanation, now it all makes sense. Do you have the variant.cpp and variant.h files for the LoraONE - i can make these myself, but it will take (too much) time having no experience doing so.

My RGB leds are flashing and I can sent data thru the RN2483 - having difficulties with the UBLOX - would have been easier to use a simple UART :wink:

We’ve put the latest schema online:

cool thanks, it helps to have an actual schematic, saves a lot of time exploring. I see you guys also connected the GPS_PULSE it that really available on our Beta boards ?

Yes, we has someone asking for it so we hooked it up :slight_smile:

Cool that was me and it works :slight_smile: can read and write to the UBLOX using the wire library BUT due to the lack of repeated start I cannot get the count of bytes available. Did you guys use a different library during prototyping or did you write something specific (please share) Thanks !

EDIT: Did some further hacking and changed a few things in Wire.cpp - I can now read bytes available …

Can you please share what you did, because I don’t see any bytes either …