LoraBee RN2483 Documentation

We purchased 2 LoraBee modules and its been quite frustrating to find documentation about the modules, I’m looking for pin out information and what pins need to be configured, I’m not using the autonomo, does sj1 need to be closed and pin 17 pulled high? At the moment on power up the LoraBee shows the following when connected a usb to serial adapter, however the LED is not lit:

RN2483 0.9.5 Mar 24 2015 14:15:33

However I try to send commands to the LoraBee there is no response.

Furthermore there is no indication on your on-line shop that a break out board is required if we want to prototype for a custom solution.

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You can use e.g. a XBee Explorer USB and hook it up to something with an USB interface, use google to find a local supplier. Pinout for the RN2483 can be found here

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The pin out for RN2483 isn’t that useful when I don’t what which pins they map to on theLoraBee !

Thanks, do you know if TX/RX pins 3.3v are compatible and does RESET need to be pull hight or can I leave it floating?

From what I can see DTS/RTS/CTS aren’t connected to the xbee shield connector, am I correct?

On power up should the LED be lit?

Jas, please the check the XBee explorer schematic - that’s how I use it. LED is off by default …
you have to write “sys set pindig GPIO0 1” to turn on the LED

w4e many thanks for your help, finally got it working.

Yes a documentation about using lorabee RN2483 standalone would be appreciated.

May I ask what is the reason of this SJ1 jumper ? Why was it kept open ?
I am considering to close it, but I wanted to make sure it the right thing to do,
or if’ll have to revert it later?

I am currently trying to use it on GNU/Linux with serial UART and external 3.3v power supply:

picocom -b 57600 --omap crcrlf --imap crcrlf --echo /dev/ttyUSB0

RX is ok but TX does not seems to work like user reported at:

Currently, my fresh device is looping on “invalid param”

RN2483 1.0.3 Mar 22 2017 06:00:42

And stops if I send TX anything, “sys get ver” shows nothing but local echo.





SJ1 is kept open to safe your keys when you reset your microcontroller, you can continue transmitting.
You can close SJ1 to reset the bee when you reset the board.

It seems your LoRaBee works fine, “invalid_param” is a correct message when you send an in correct request.

I never used picocom. The Serial Monitor builtin the Arduino IDE and putty both work fine for me. It looks like you send 2x cr and 1x lf at the end of a message. Can you try with 1x cr?
picocom -b 57600 --omap crlf --imap crlf --echo /dev/ttyUSB0

What are the lorawan commands you try to send?

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Well I have found a workaround, unplug and replug GND (I actually placed a switch to open GND on press) now it works as expected, but for some reason device is getting junk on poweron.

SJ1 does not help on this.