Lora module suitable for water quality monitoring

Hi, which model of Lora suitable to be used to send data from Arduino to the cloud? By the way I have a modem to provide connectivity to the Internet as to adapt with network compatibility in Malaysia

Hi norsyahid09

You can use any generic LoRa modem to send data.

To make things easy buy a card with the MCU & LoRa modem built in.

I would point you towards this unit here SODAQ ExpLoRer


This board is very special as it comes with three little gems

LoRa Microchip RN2483 Module
Bluetooth Microchip RN4871 Module
Cyptochip Microchip ATECC508A

You will need at least two SODAQ ExpLoRer for peer to peer with LoRa modems this is the minimum system you can run on. Then one of the SODAQ ExpLoRer would connect to your back-end systems. For this i would point you towards MQTT.

Enjoy IoT