Looking for a foreign NB-IoT SIM

Hello guys,

Not a typical NB-IoT question. But I’m currently looking into connection times while roaming on the NB-IoT network.
Having to go across the border to simply test it it quite a hassle, so I’m wondering if there’s a possibility to get a foreign (non-Dutch) SIM to test my setup. Where did you guys get your SIM cards?


Which provider are you using in the Netherlands?
It is possible to connect to the same network provider in a foreign European country.

For example: T-Mobile Netherlands SIM will work on the Deutsche Telekom network.
This is for test purposes only and should not be used for production.

I am currently testing T-Mobile and Vodafone. I know I can use a Dutch SIM in Europe because of roaming, but I was wondering if foreign providers support roaming in The Netherlands, but it seems like they don’t yet unfortunately.


Hi all,

We are using monogoto.io SIM cards to test and to have roaming in Europe.

Thanks for the reply. I recently found out that all Vodafone and T-Mobile NB-IoT cards are roaming for me. So that solved a lot.