Issue with SODAQ Autonomo

I tried to use an Autonomo SODAQ with WiFi Bee, mDot, Xbee and GPRSbee but when i tried to see any message from those to Serial monitor of arduino IDE but it stop it and not work.

For this I’m using this code:

And in the serial port only appear this:

Here we start !! 
Switching on..
>> AT

Sorry, that example on the support page is wrong.

The first part (upto loop) must be replaced by this:

#include <GPRSbee.h>

bool sent_sms = false;

void setup()
    // The code will not start unless the serial monitor is opened or 10 sec is passed
    // incase you want to operate Autonomo with external power source
    while ((!SerialUSB) && (millis() < 10000))

    SerialUSB.println("Here we start !! ");


    gprsbee.initAutonomoSIM800(Serial1, BEE_VCC, BEEDTR, BEECTS);
    // Power switching is still being resolved

Thank you it solved my last problem i can communicate with bee devices, but i have another issue, after programming 2 times my code sodaq autonomo dissappear from serial ports, and i tried to connect and disconnect many times but it doesn’t appear again in the arduino ports

Can you try a double tap reset using the SWD reset pin.

See here for instructions:

Yep It worked thank you a lot