Is the bootloader of Sodaq One V3 the same as Arduino Zero?

Hello everyone! I am currently working on a LoRa prototype based on Sodaq One V3 and a MAX30102 sensor to sense heart rate and send it through LoRa to a gateway and forward to a LoRaWAN open source server (chirpstack) and display data in an interface. But I need to put all the electronics (sodaq and sensor) in the same chip, so I am designing the schematics of the sodaq one v3 and I was wondering if the bootloader I have to upload to the ATSAMD21G18 considered in my design is exactly the bootloader for Arduino Zero? (I want my device to run my code previously validated with the sodaq one v3 and my max30102 sensor)
I have read many blogs about it and also looked at this video which is very informative (bootloader to an ATSAMD21 with openocd and raspberry

Thank you so much, I will be sharing my progress for helping others in a future.

Dear @IMT_Ivan_Blake,

Yes, we use a modified version of the Arduino Zero bootloader.
The SODAQ bootloaders are available through the installation or via GitHub.

I’m not certain what the differences are between the Arduino Zero and SODAQ bootloaders.
The bootloaders are tested to be low power with our boards.
The bootloader LED pin has changed to another pin depending on the board.

If you based your schematics on a SODAQ ONE v3 you can use the SODAQ ONE bootloader on your board as well as the Arduino Zero bootloader.

Kind regards,

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Thank you so much @Jan I will let the community know about my development and hope to help others with similar targets