Is it possible to reuse previous GPS statellite position for fast tracking with SodaQ One tracker?


I was wondering if the SodaQ One tracker supports to provide old GPS satellites position to the Ublox GPS module so that this last one can lock satellites faster.

I mean, each time I get a position the GPS module will look for the available satellites, once I get the device position that means that GPS module has locked the satellites and next time I need a new location( in an interval of 5min for instance) , it’s likely that I will get same satellites coverage. So I was wondering whether or not the softwate stores the available satellite in order to do a fast locking for next position acquisition or this is a feature that the Ublox module has to support.

Could you enlighten me a bit concerning to this?

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Hi @ndarkness

Yes this is supported.

When turn on the ublox module it starts getting the GPS data and will save it for later fast fix.
When you disable the ublox gps, there is another pin connected to the ublox module what will provide it with a bit of power to keep the clock running and the gps storage in memmory.

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Thanks @Jan for replying,

Where is that data being stored and which functions are used to do so? Or that data is stored itself in the GPS module and therefore you keep it power on.

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Data is stored in the GPS module, you dont need to do anything.

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