Is it possible to de-register NB-IoT device?

I have early access to the T-Mobile network.
Can you de-register my device so I can register it directly through their API?

Hi Maarten,

No problem! Can you send me an e-mail ( with your IMEI? I’ll make sure your device gets removed from our application.

Hi @Gregory, thanks. T-Mobile already removed the device from the Sodaq account.

Hi @Gregory,

I also want to de-register my NB-IoT shield from the SODAQ account so I can register it with the T-Mobile NL Device Registration Tool. Should anyone who wants this send you an email with their IMEI?

Hi @stefan

You can send me an email with your IMEI, then I will remove it.

Kind regards,


I have exactly the same question as the above two users. Who should I contact for this?

Kind regards