Iot / wt innovation world cup 2017/18

I have entered this competition with your board.

Sorry if they have restrictions.
Not me I would invite all.

I will use the SoDaQ ExpLoRer kit.

Using LoRa, BLE & 508a for build a BLE advert system for the A96 road here in Scotland.

This project will use peer to peer LoRa modems.
We will use the 508a with public-key.
BLE will be used to deliver URL adverts.
Adverts can be updated to the road from the office.

I have removed the LoRaWAN protocol due to security issues.
I will build my own protocol for the use case.

This system will be off grid WAN with full hardware security.

PUBLIC KEY. :sunglasses:

After all, we are going to build

The Best in Class solutions for our IoT future.
Lets, protect everyone, all the time, show the IT world how we swing!

I hope all that can enter.

Best regards from SCOTLAND


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